Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Maze Agency #1

The Maze Agency #1, November 2005, IDW Publishing
writer: Mike W. Barr
penciller: Ariel Padilla
inker: Ernest Jocson
letterer: Tom B. Long
colorist: Rainer Beredo
editor: Dan Taylor

This issue of The Maze Agency is a hippie whodunit with a compelling enough plot but with the overall oomph of a Saturday mid-afternoon network television movie presentation. You know, when Martin Riggs says “fudge” instead some other f-word in Lethal Weapon 2 – I sensed an essence of action/adventure brewing beneath this story’s surface, a latent sexuality and intrigue ready just ready to boil over, but the comic read too much like an Encyclopedia Brown for grown-ups to really pack that punch. The real mystery here is, if you’re going to write a murder mystery starring two private detectives that sleep with each other, why don’t we see any scenes with, say, murder or anyone sleeping with each! I don’t think kids are picking up The Maze Agency looking for an activity book here! Come on, we’re adults! We can take it!

Bottom line: This issue hits a dead end. Too bad the effort’s in pen, because it’s too late to erase and try again.

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