Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Star Slammers #1

Star Slammers #1, May 1994, Malibu Comics
writer/illustrator: Walter Simonson
letterer: John Workman
colorist: Electric Prism with Nanette Malher & Catie Jellinghaus

Star Slammers is an excellent example of Walt Simonson’s masterful storytelling, both as a writer and an illustrator, with enough visual twists and turns even in just this issue that the reading experience is exciting and enjoyable. This arc begins with a Star Slammer in their enemies’ custody, his mind at the whim of a thirteen-year-old psychic hacker, until a mysterious figure sets the soldier free in a bloody mess that warrants investigation. Although we never see the Star Slammer in action, Simonson’s narrative creates a lasting impression of the warrior’s potential, leaving the real capabilities of this issue’s namesake up to our imagination. If this issue is the first act of a space opera, as one could be led to believe, I’m not holding my breath for the fat lady to sing. This is one star that can take its time getting slammed, assured that we’re hanging on for the ride.

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