Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Spirit #40

The Spirit #40, February 1988, Kitchen Sink Press
by Will Eisner

In this issue that features three reprinted Spirit adventures from 1949, Will Eisner demonstrates his mastery over dynamic storytelling and character development by featuring tales starring strong-willed women, innovative action-packed sequential art, and detective monkeys, which establish a trinity of sure fire entertainment if I've ever read one. Unfortunately, since it's Memorial Day weekend and my girlfriend and I are visiting friends and family in Arizona, I don't have time to analyze this issue as it should be. Just like the Micky Mouse title I read a few months ago, I'm short changing another important character in comicdom, but I will revisit this issue later on, as my intention is to memorialize some of the medium's greatest veterans.

The true testament to Eisner's impact is when I took out this issue to review, and an old friend, a novice to comics, recognized The Spirit and commented, "Oh, he's supposed to be one of the classics." His spirit lives on, in more ways than one.

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