Monday, September 10, 2007

Action Comics #855 (Exclusive to Geek in the City)

Action Comics #855, Late October 2007, DC Comics
writers: Geoff Johns & Richard Donner
artist: Eric Powell
colorist: Dave Stewart
letterer: Rob Leigh
associate editor: Nachie Castro
editor: Matt Idelson

2007 not am year of Bizarro! Of course, in Bizarro speak, this truly is the year of Bizarro, with a “bizarre” clone of Clark Kent appearing in the forthcoming new season of Smallville and, count ‘em, two trips to Bizarro World in as many months via DC’s eclectic Superman titles. While Grant Morrison’s interpretation of Bizarro World was as ultimate as All-Star Superman intends to be, even featuring a Bizarro Bizarro (the straight-talking Zibarro), Geoff Johns and Richard Donner take a much more traditional, almost appropriately square look at the Bizarro concept, using the Man of Steel’s most peculiar villain to further cement Donner as an influential contributor to Superman’s legacy. At the end of this first chapter, Bizarro threatens to destroy his own planet . . .

. . . and, while his threat is sincere, I’m actually more interested if Johns and Donner can finish what they’ve started this time . . .

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