Friday, June 30, 2006

One Day to Go

Tomorrow, July 1, 2006, the A Comic A Day challenge begins. What have I done to prepare for this momentous pursuit, you ask?

Absolutely nothing.

I've begun to associate this project with the highly regarded "24 Hour Comic Book Challenge," in which participants create a comic book, from the notes-on-a-napkin stage to the post-production folding and stapling stage within a solid 24 hours, without forethought or arduous planning. I'm just reading comics, a far cry from producing them, but because I acknowledge that this goal is more difficult than it seems, I want to experience every snag that threatens the integrity of the process during the process, as a part of the process. That's what makes this a challenge.

So, no, I haven't purchased any comics yet. I haven't perused the library's listing of graphic novels. When the challenge begins, the challenge begins. Now, I may purchase a few days' worth of comics tomorrow, to assure my daily dose during the holiday weekend. And, yes, I have an idea of what kinds of comics I'd like to read to kick off my annual epic, but if I cannot find them through conventional means, the challenge, and my strategy, will adapt accordingly. I'm looking forward to what the year offers, for better and for worse.

Again, feel free to offer any strategies or ideas you may have to maintain the A Comic A Day challenge. I may be shouting in a canyon here, but my inner geek would do well to hear an echo back from time to time. Three hundred and sixty-five comics is a lot of paper, and three hundred and sixty-five days is a long time. I'll see you then.

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