Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Power Man #40

Power Man #40, February 1977, Marvel Comics
writer: Marv Wolfman
penciller: Lee Elias
inker: Frank Giacoia
letterer: Denise Wohl
colorist: Janice Cohen

While the ad at the end of yesterday’s Strange Tales confirmed that I should close Black History Month with a review of Luke Cage, Power Man, this issue’s cover confirmed it: tied to a train, attacked by the villainous Big Brother, Cage valiantly proclaims, “Luke Cage fights to his last breath!” An appropriate siren song for this series of posts, I say. Well done, Power Man.

Power Man #40 doesn’t boast any of the enigmatic themes I’ve derived from the other issues specifically spotlighted for Black History Month, but carrying around that mighty Marvel chip on his shoulder and a healthy dose of seemingly bad luck, Cage is an excellent example of his peers’ raw determination. Even in the face of the stereotypically jive-talking Cheshire Cat, Power Man retains his cool . . . and his integrity.

Just look at the way he hails a cab. A student of the great Rosa Parks, this guy is. ‘Nuff said, eh?

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