Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Lone Ranger #1 Director’s Cut

The Lone Ranger #1 Director’s Cut, 2007, Dynamite Entertainment
writer: Brett Matthews
artist: Sergio Cariello
colorist: Dean White
letterer: Simon Bowland

After a work-related weekend retreat, I was excited to read as engrossing and entertaining a comic book as The Lone Ranger #1 Director’s Cut. I wrote two-page review that explored its depths as the character study of a hero and an insight into the origins of a comic book, then stepped away from the computer for but a moment to return to a blank screen, the document completely gone. (At home, I cut and paste text into my post for more editing options.) I was so completely pleased with the way I wrote that review that I refuse to try and bang it out again in just under an hour’s time (I’m looking hard at 11:15 p.m. right now), so I regret to offer this “bottom line” in the hopes that I can redraft my review for a supplemental to tomorrow’s post.

The Lone Ranger #1: Director’s Cut was the quintessential origin issue, beginning the epic of an American hero with a sense of compassion and courage, while exploring the beginning of a comic book concept with insight and introspection from Matthews and the rest of the creative team. As its title might imply, The Lone Ranger #1 is a singular experience indeed.

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