Friday, June 15, 2007

Gypsy Company #3

Gypsy Company #3, December 2001, Liquid Comics
writer/penciller: Dennis Anderson
inker: Le Beau Underwood
letterer: Bloated Sack Studios
coloring" Superfly Studios
editor: Shawn Mitchell

Gypsy Company #3 didn't really speak to me. I had a difficult time understanding the story, and even now, I'm not sure if I got it right: a team of heroic mystics, the Gypsy Company (cool name), is captured by an evil entity that destroys villages and enslaves children, and when they break out, they plow through the enemy's zombie army to his throne room. Though the story wasn't my cup of tea, I enjoyed Anderson's art, a macabre synthesis of Wieringo and Ramos, and the Ben Templesmith pin-up on the back cover was an unexpected treat. As an independent comic book, Gypsy Company has an attractive package that would undoubtedly appeal to a definitively goth crowd -- fans of Rob Zombie's comics might enjoy it -- but I just couldn't get into it. Different strokes.

So, to compensate for today's minimal review, I've posted my review of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer below. This praise could be the only review of its kind on the Internet! I'd appreciate some feedback, folks . . .


Templesmith said...

I did a pinup for the back? Either I did it years ago and forgot completely or this is kinda news to me. Maybe I've just forgotten ( my head is mush most of the time )but are you sure?

KaraokeFanboy said...

Yes, it looks like you, with a link to and everything! Thanks for looking me up and I hope you stick around for more!

Templesmith said...

That's still weird...unless it's just an ad, with a picture of Wormwood? ( My comic I both write and draw? ) As I'm still drawing a complete blank on ever having done any pinups for anyone's baqck covers in recent memory ( not that I wouldn'tlike to, just have zero time ). What exactly was it a pinup of? Maybe I'm just confused by the word "pinup" over add...but you got me all intrigued like an itch that can't be scratched damn you Mr Karaoke! ;-) Hehe.

i surf these blogs all the time btw, especially if I get a mention, always curious as to what's out there. Good stuff man. :-)

KaraokeFanboy said...

Sorry to get your skin itchin', 'cause I'd rather your fingers were wrapped around a pencil cranking out the next ish of "Fell!" Well, this pin-up, or image, or whatever looks like your take on one of the book's characters, a big dude with a gnarly mouth across his belly. I'll scan it, and since I don't know the best way to get it to you (hence my commenting in both of our blogs), I'll post it here. Hope that helps jog the memory!