Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Multimedia Review: Star Trek: The Tour

Multimedia Review: Star Trek: The Tour

"Star Trek: The Tour is a comprehensive, interactive traveling museum of Star Trek memorabilia and began its multi-city voyage last week at the Queen Mary Dome in Long Beach, California. My girlfriend bought us (really, me) tickets to its second day, and we were wise to wake up early and line up for the 10 a.m. opening, because by 11:30 the Dome was filled with Trekkies and pop culture aficionados alike. In addition to the multitude of costumes and props, the Tour offers two rides, five full scale set pieces, and a round-theater show. The Dome was a logistically perfect venue for the Tour's inaugural exhibit, accommodating all of its features (and the lines for the rides) without overcrowding the prop and costume displays; further, being so close to the ocean, my inner Trekkie couldn't help but remember the holodeck-rendered seafaring scene from Star Trek: Generations. Captain Picard's envy of Earth's earliest adventures surely came full circle with his ship on display alongside the mythic Queen Mary . . ."

The rest of the review can be found here, and a bunch of pics, here.


Anonymous said...

Save Your money! This Blows! For 35 bucks you will only be disappointed by the service charges for pic's and the worst simulator's on the planet!

Anonymous said...

Worst tour ever! Don't waste your money! Simulator's stink. Off key!

KaraokeFanboy said...

I understand, to each his own. I had two advantages to my experience, which fueled my optimism and positive impression: (1.) I didn't pay for my tickets; they were a gift. (2.) I didn't pay much attention to the Tour's promotion, so I didn't have many expectations. I really only wanted to see the props and set pieces, all of which you CAN capture with your own camera, but, yes, the rides basically stunk. Still, it's totally possible to enjoy the whole thing for JUST the ticket price -- a lofty $35, true, but also possibly the last one of its kind before Abrams' incarnation redefines the franchise.

Veggie Gal said...

I'm with you, KFB. I didn't go for the photo ops or the rides. I wanted to see sets, props and costumes and they were very cool!