Sunday, April 13, 2008

WWWednesday: Bee Power

WWWednesday: Bee Power
by K.C. Green

With Free Comic Book Day right around the corner, I remembered past Keenspot anthology compilations I've acquired on a few of those frugal funnybook festivals and finally decided to look up the webcomics compendium. I quickly selected Bee Power for its potential Mr. Toast quality, and I was not disappointed in its absurd surrealism. For the past five years, K. C. Green has commented on life's quirkiest characteristics, beginning with squiggly talk heads on notebook paper to fully colored sequential allegories. Indeed, his webcomics career (if indeed it began with Bee Power) mimics the margins of every high school nerds' notebooks across America. The question is, does he have the sense of humor to match? Two words: "Dog bong." I'm not sure where the bees come in, but if you're in the mood to let the darkest parts of your inner adolescent chuckle, nothing comes sweeter than Bee Power.

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