Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Captain Paragon #1

Captain Paragon #1, December 1983, Americomics
editor: Bill Black

After an exhausting day of work, I come home hoping read an exciting comic book. Instead, I read Captain Paragon.

Captain Paragon is a patriotic hero that was trapped in suspended animation since the late ‘50s, now revived to fight for justice in the ‘80s. The first of three stories featured Cap hiring a private detective to help him remember his secret identity, but this chapter ends inexplicably when the dick’s investigation begins. Unfortunately, my interest in the issue ended, as well. Oh, I read it all to abide by the A Comic A Day regulations, but I won’t waste your time as much as this comic wasted mine.

If you turned in work that read twenty years out of date, obviously based on a colleague’s more notable, previous work, how would your boss react? Who was holding these derivative creators accountable for their well-shrouded plagiarism?

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