Friday, August 18, 2006

Serenity Rose #1

Serenity Rose #1, October 2003, SLG Publishing

I'm on a leadership retreat for work, so I don't have a lot of time to post a thorough review of today's offering, Serenity Rose. Needless to say, this title is the premiere goth book on the mainstream market, and by far the best. Its multi-media texture pulls you into Serenity's dark world of adolescent angst and pessimistic despair. Her astute judgments of the various social high school archetypes are poignant, and oftentimes unfortunately true. Serenity is as lovable as she doesn't want to be, and I want more.

Or maybe I'm projecting. I'm trapped in a time share with folks from work. What do you think?

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nikki said...

i think you did a pretty good review. however, i think it should be noted that the artwork in serenity rose is amazing.far more amazing than you have made mention is the syle of the comic, the details, the inking, the mixed media, the is fabulous.absolutely fantastic..i haven't seen such great art in a comic since kabuki.