Friday, January 05, 2007

Corporate Ninja #3

Corporate Ninja #3, July 2006, SLG Publishing
creator: Matt Mocarski
letterer: Larissa Linn

I was going to praise this issue, particularly its distinctive, expressive visuals, but preparing the title/creator credits for this entry, I noticed "corporate" misspelled twice in the publication's fineprint, and despite the cover's #2, the inside cover indicated #3. So, I'm not sure what the title should look like (an intentionally misspelled title would be acceptable if the discrepancy was consistent), and I'm not sure what number this issue really is. You ask me, those elements are fairly critical in my first impression of any series.

Nevertheless, creator Matt Mocarski is an obvious talent, and his characters are very eye-catching. His balance of cartooning and caricature makes for a visually entertaining read, and fortunately, he lets many of the panels do the talking with a minimal dose of dialogue. Other pages, however, are too text ridden . . . not that I don't like to read words, but I'm not sure how to classify stories like these. The Corporate Ninja's attempt to save the Internet by entering the world wide web is a cool enough concept, packed with adventure brimming with satiric potential, but many of the punchlines fall flat, skimming the surface of their true potential. Is Mocarski using humorous material to create an action-packed comic, or is it the other way around?

A few pages of sketches at the end of the issue rounded out a nice issue, with the exception of those technical typos. Nothing a spell check couldn't have fixed. Funny, an issue about the potential dangers of computers, and a computer could've polished off the package. Something a little more corporate might've helped this ninja.

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