Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jeremiah Harm #1

Jeremiah Harm #1, May 200, Boom! Studios
writers: Keith Giffen, Alan Grant
penciller: Rael Lyra
inker: Joe Prado
colorist: Imaginary Friends Studio
letterer: Ed Dukeshire

When two inmates escape from their intergalactic prison, the panicked authorities reluctantly recruit another inmate, former bounty hunter Jeremiah Harm, to bring the fugitives home. Although Giffen and Grant’s narrative is sometimes too rife with unnecessarily lofty vernacular, their experience, like Harm’s ruthlessness when he hits the streets, speaks for itself. This issue is a tight story of trust all on its own, while at the same time establishing a foundation for future chapters to revisit. When I picked up this issue, I was surprised to discover Alan Grant’s name on such a recent work; as a fan of his Batman run throughout the ‘90s, I had wondered if his hasty exit from those mythos was his own choice. Either way, when I saw his name, I was drawn to this issue with the fervor of a fan attending a movie premiere just because his favorite actor makes a cameo. I figured, even if the effort stinks, at least I can add this issue to my growing Alan Grant collection. What’s the harm in that?

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