Saturday, April 07, 2007

First World #2

First World #2, July 2001, Dragon Candy Productions
by Philip Bourassa
inker (pages 22-25): Andrew Strawder
producer/director: Binh Tran

On vacation for the Easter holiday, so First World #2 gets the "bottom line" treatment, which is fitting anyway, since its story is already entrenched in its own medieval continuity. With only one issue behind it, First World didn't hesitate to establish its plot's momentum, but its strongest element is by far the art. If Philip Bourassa isn't working for one of the bigger publishers by now (or didn't during this series), he soon will; his style looks like Mike Wieringo's, with cartoony expressionism and varied linework to highlight background details. When I'm back behind my scanner, I may post a page from this issue and a Wieringo work to compare, not that the similarities take away from the book. In fact, with such a "in" story, it was nice to have a referential point. First World truly starts from its own beginnings, with a presumably illustrious career in store for its creative team.

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