Sunday, May 09, 2010

Free Comic Book Day 2010: Iron Man: Supernova

Free Comic Book Day Iron Man: Supernova
by Paul Tobin, Craig Rousseau, Veronica Gandini, Dave Sharpe

Iron Man: Supernova, Marvel Comics' all-ages Free Comic Book Day offering, starts with a side-by-side series of panels contrasting the respective starts of Iron Man's and Nova's day -- specifically, Tony Stark's luxury versus Richard Rider's dorm room squalor. The dynamic is fun and interesting, with the implication that despite the differences in their personal lives good guys will always have a quest for justice in common. Well, unfortunately, the implication ends there as our heroes don't pursue justice but the Red Ghost's villainous monkeys loose in the city. Aided by another, shape-shifting chimp, of course Iron Man and Nova save the day, but it's a strange story, and not in the classic "DC Superheroes Fight Super Gorillas" kind of way -- just in a "monkeys are awesome so let's put 'em in a comic for kids" way.

If the point of including Nova was to introduce him to new readers, I don't think they'd be interested, because he contributes little to the story aside from a few quips and a little inadequacy, something Spider-man could've easily delivered, too. Nevertheless, I won't be surprised if a New Warriors cartoon is on the horizon now -- a property that could contend with DC's forthcoming new Teen Titans 'toon. Otherwise, this issue was only monkeying around.

Finally, as expected, Iron Man 2 dominated the box office this weekend. I'd hoped it would beat The Dark Knight's record, but I guess The Avengers need something to assemble for . . .

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