Saturday, May 01, 2010

Free Comic Book Day!

I scoured the greater Phoenix area for all that Free Comic Book Day had to offer, and while I didn't acquire all the free comics available, I had a blast observing how different shops celebrate the event. I went to ten different stores in the Valley, and eighty percent of them were bustling with activity -- all ages activity, I might add, which made the day particularly fulfilling. I know comics can bring out the kid in us, but thankfully they still bring out the kids, too.

Honorable mention goes to Jesse James Comics; he must've given away as many comics as he sold, which was a lot by any indication of the line at his cash register. Drawn to Comics and Atomic Comic Phoenix had impressive sidewalk sales, with guest artists galore. Hero Comics hosted the colorful characters depicted above -- and the geeks seemed more excited to take photos with them than the children did!

By midafternoon, I was bumping into other ambitious travellers trying to collect all the designated FCBD swag, but I don't think we were all successful. In the coming days and weeks, I'll review the issues I scored and lament over the ones I didn't. Overall, though, I was grateful to spend the day with my fellow fanboys in Phoenix. If the multi-generational gathering was any indication, comics may yet rise from the ashes, like that fiery bird itself.

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