Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It IS Easy Wearing Green . . .

St. Patrick's Day is no big deal to us fanboys, because some of our favorite heroes wear green all the time. Here's a quick list to commemorate some of comicdom's jolly green giants.

The Savage Dragon. Any longtime reader of A Comic A Day knows that I love Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon, and that both were instrumental to my becoming a loyal comic book reader today. In Larsen's current storyline, "Dragon War," Dragon's deadliest foes have received a transfusion of his blood (stolen, of course), transforming them into gruesome doppelgangers of his usually heroic self. Unfortunately, Dragon too is somewhat transformed, as his brain was recently destroyed and regenerated into his former, alien despot self. So, in many ways, these characters are simply wearing a green facade -- something millions of folks are doing today, assuming that they aren't even Irish . . .

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I've had not one but two casual conversations with presumably non-comics readers about the Turtles in the past two weeks, proving that those heroes in a half-shell have transcended the realm of childhood fandom and become veritable icons of pop culture, not unlike Superman or Spider-man. I couldn't be happier for them -- and for me, since the hundreds of dollars my family spent on those toys in the '90s obviously wasn't for naught. It was so I could have conversations about the Turtles with non-comics readers.

The Incredible Hulk. Whenever Bruce Banner gets angry, he puts on a green suit of rage -- again, something I fear millions of folks will do tonight, after drinking a certain gamma-colored beverage, of course.

The Greens Lantern and Arrow. Hal Jordan and Ollie Queen are my favorite best friends in comics, notably because of their hard travels across the country via Denny O'Neil's direction in the '70s, but every now and then a writer will echo those sentiments and bring back the pseudo-political dynamic that made their friendship so current and viable. In DC Universe Decisions, the two actually come to blows, removing the weapons that give them their emerald stripes, yet proving that the clothes do not have to make the man. The winner? Black Canary. Always let the woman have the final word.

Finally, the dollar, the most powerful green of them all, has reared its head in the latest substantial comics purchase, this time of Flash Comics #1. Whether or not it will use its powers for good or evil remains to be seen. Perhaps tonight's St. Patrick's Day exploits will be the truest test of all!

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