Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tales of Leornardo: Blind Sight #3

I mentioned the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles yesterday and just so happened to find a Mirage Studios comic at the top of my read pile this evening, so the luck of the Irish persists . . . though not for Leonardo, I'm afraid. In Tales of Leonardo: Blind Sight #3, by Turtles veteran author and artist Jim Lawson, Leo has been blinded by an old vengeful foe and is daunted by his weakness. Splinter offers him some "infinitea," which conjures a hallucination of feudal Japan, and Leo experiences the bittersweet life of a samurai. One moment locked in battle, the next in the arms of his loving family, Leo is filling the sandals of one torn warrior -- but to what end? Of course,Splinter knows what he's doing, and more so than any Turtles story, this is a teenage tale, one of coming of age and to grips with the larger world around you. Oftentimes, folks lose sight of the historical context of our culture and of the role we can play in it. Sometimes, we build a shell to protect us from these selfless thoughts. Yet, as we fanboys know, these turtles are best when their heads are poking out, when they're aware and fighting to make a difference. Lesson learned, Master Splinter. I see . . .

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