Wednesday, September 13, 2006

City of Heroes #10

City of Heroes #10, March 2004, Cryptic Studios
writer: Rick Dakan
artist: Brandon McKinney
colorist: Austin McKinley
letterer: Neil Hendrick

I'm cheating.

If you haven't read my other blogs (and you really should, because I'm quite hilarious), you probably don't know that I work for a non-profit after school program with a tiny facility on an elementary school campus, and today was one of those mile-a-minute days that explain where the post-modern concept of multi-tasking comes from. In the morning, I helped set up for our annual celebrity golf tournament (and I use the term "celebrity" loosely), returned to our facility just in time for the kids' early release day, then attended the school's special Back to School Night. Later, a friend's band is performing downtown. I'm in the middle one of those days.

Top that off with the realization that I'm fresh out of comics. I have a few reserved for special occasions, and I really have my hopes up for reading them on their intended days. So, I dipped into a stash here at work. See, several months ago, we received dozens of City of Heroes comics, and although I flipped through them to confirm appropriate visual content, I didn't officially read them. Further, since the stash is here at work, and not at home in one of my long boxes, they aren't officially a part of my personal collection. Therefore, I haven't broken any of the pre-established A Comic A Day rules or regulations. Okay? Okay.

That said, City of Heroes, a comic book inspired by a role playing computer game, was a decent read with some rather energetic characters. The story is essentially a superhero prison break, with some supernatural help. The good guys go toe to toe with some vampires, with a cosmic symbiotic alien on deck. You got the Captain America rip-off, the Wolverine spoof (complete with claws -- those things aren't copyrighted?), the token slugfest for freedom. It was definitely a popcorn muncher. A light read for a heavy day.

Which is not over. Tomorrow, I need to go shopping for some comics.

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