Friday, September 15, 2006

Tragg and the Sky Gods #7

Tragg and the Sky Gods #7, November 1976, Western Publishing Company
writer: Don Glut
artist: Dan Spiegle

I’ve read many comics that spotlight a doom-and-gloom vision of the future, but Tragg and the Sky Gods is the first I’ve read based on Earth’s catastrophic past. Tragg and his tribe are dinosaur-riding cavemen combating a race of jetpack-wearing aliens, and in this chapter, Tragg and half of his people are taking the fight to the Sky Gods’ lair, the volcanic Fire Mountain. The rest of his tribe faces a surprise attack from the aliens’ aerial forces, but both halves conquer the odds and unite to drive the Sky Gods away from Fire Mountain once and for all.

Unlike The Mighty Samson, the other sci-fi/fantasy title I’ve read from Western Publishing with the Gold Key cover logo, Tragg is fast-paced, focusing less on the circumstances of their circumstances and more on the momentum of their building conflict. Despite their savage culture, Tragg and his people demonstrate sophistication with their battle strategies, even in the face of a laser, or as they call it, “a fire gun.” I don’t know if I was to believe that the alien conquerors were wicked because of their otherworldly nature, or because of their advanced technologies, but I got the message. I’m tossing my cell phone tonight and reverting to a smoke signal system, just in case.

Cutting this one short. Birthday party. If someone drinks too much tonight, I have a feeling this comic might come to mind. Despite his heroic stature, Tragg’s name sounds like something I’d do after one too many, you know what I mean?

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