Friday, September 08, 2006

Love in Tights #5

Love in Tights #5, March 2000, SLG Publishing
contributors: B. Clay Moore, Kalman Andrasofszky, Josh Blaylock, J. Bone, Stephen Geigen-Miller, Mike White, Brian Clopper, Ted Tucker

Love in Tights is perhaps the most successful cross-genre effort, combining the corny quirks of the superhero set with the sappy melodrama of mid-‘50s romance comics. I dug the read, but more importantly, guys and gals could mutually enjoy it, despite their respective penchants for one of the other niche. Slave Labor Graphics truly raised the bar for gender inclusive marketing with this title.

Interestingly, two of the five tales in this issue spoof a certain Caped Crusader, transparently, I might add. The first story features a hero dubbed the Mid-Nite Hour, who, for a very telling page, retreats to his mansion and consults his butler Winchester on the trials and imbalance of vigilantism and romance. More so than the plot, the art made this story pop, with a simple superhero style befitting a mainstream ongoing title. I’m surprised I haven’t heard of Andrasofszky. With a name like that, I’d remember.

The other Batman satire is a bit more blatant, starring Fruit-bat and his sidekick Swallow, captured by their clownish enemy, the Choker. Rather than follow through with his plan to dip the Terrific Twosome in liquid gold (in effect, a golden shower), the Choker aborts the trap to lament about his torrid relationship with his boyfriend. Yes, the Choker comes out of the closet, much to Fruit-Bat’s chagrin. Swallow seems more accepting, but at the end asks his mentor, “Uhm . . . Can I change my name from Swallow to something else?” I don’t see why not. This yarn certainly was hard to swallow, you know what I mean?

The other three tales were interesting but not as artistically appealing, featuring a trio of super-powered penguins, two sidekicks excitedly preparing for a date with each other, and a super-heroine and her out-of-work arch-lackey boyfriend, thanks mostly to her do-gooding. Man, that would be a tough one. I know what it’s like to have a sugar momma, but a sugar momma that beats up your potential co-workers for a living? Home Depot parking lot, here I’d come.

All in all, this issue was fun, and a welcome end to a stressful workday. Superhero comics are usually a lesson in selflessness, but how else can one express such heroism in real life than in a romantic relationship? I’m still waiting for that Dr. Phil episode.

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