Saturday, February 20, 2010

Masters of the Universe Classics Man-at-Arms

My Masters of the Universe Classics Man-at-Arms arrived yesterday from Mattel's packaging department uses scraps of art from the original Masters of the Universe toy line to accentuate their characters' bios, reminding me of when purchasing an action figure was an event. As a kid, I always soaked up the art on the package, read the characters' history on the back of the box (often on a cut-'n-collect trading card), and, once I opened the figure, read the comic that came with it -- all before cracking the toy's joints. Now, you're lucky if the preview images of other figures in that line are large enough to look at, considering the legalese that clutters any toy's packaging nowadays. At least Mattel remembers its roots, and though these figures are 400% more than what my parents paid for them back in the day, at least they're still giving me at least 75% of the experience. Now, if only I opened and played with them . . .

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