Thursday, February 18, 2010

Paul Pope's Car Crash

Car Crash by Paul Pope, lettered by Gary Kato (published in Oni Double Feature #2-3)

Boy meets girl. Boy gets in car crash. When you strip everything else away from Paul Pope's Car Crash, that's the body of the tale -- but, trust me, you don't want to strip anything away. You want every painstakingly water-colored panel, every dancing dark shadow stain, every emotive thought that comes through Pope's ongoing inner monologue. See, I really just discovered the wonder that is Paul Pope. Frustrated with the countless crossovers plaguing my favorite superhero comics, I've begun looking elsewhere in the comics medium for entertainment, and I'm finding it in the works of Paul Pope and Mike Allred. Both obviously appreciate comics' campy roots (see their respective Solo issues from DC Comics), but Pope takes the autobio trend to the next level in this brief tale of love, lust, recklessness, and regret. Car Crash is both transcendent and down to earth, both epic and mundane. Frankly, that he trusts us with this part of his life is an honor. I guess that's what comics are all about -- from the mainstream superhero books on the rack alongside indies like this, to stories ripped from personal experience, it's all about sharing . . . finding a meaningful collision.

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