Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods, Steampunk Art, and Remembering Batman

A quick rundown of My Life in Comics, the past twenty-four hours:

Steampunk at ArtSpace

My girlfriend and I went to a steampunk art exhibit at ArtSpace in Scottsdale, where we saw cool faux weapons like this by Ed Schenck, and other images of mankind's potential metalpocalypse:

My girlfriend was picture-happy, so more images to come (with her permission, of course).

Remembering Batman

Upon spotting the Justice League Unlimited Batman action figure on my desk, a coworker excitedly recounted the memory of winning a contest when she was five-years-old and watching a show in Mexico, where Batman and Robin descended live from a helicopter. The light in her eyes as she remembered seeing the heroes in real life was brighter than any Bat-signal could be.

Tiger's Wood

Finally, I drew this comic strip last night/this morning to commemorate Tiger Woods' press conference.

This strip is one of five "Versus Current Events" I've drawn over the past year or so. Check out the rest here.

So, I sought the influence of comic book culture, and listened to it come to me, and made a little of my own in the last twenty-four hours. Where was your comic a day?

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